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Based on unique 4-mirror technology, it can perform a 360-degree analysis of any kind of glass container and detect almost invisible defects.

A game changer, suitable for all types and sizes of beverage production and bottling companies. In a cooperation with Valmiermuiža Brewery and LEO Competence Centre.

#sheets #quality #control


Sometimes clean is not clean enough - this is where quality control of washed laundry comes in. Computer vision powered system observes the conveyer belt of laundry folding and removes faulty items out of it in a wink!

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The more eyes, the better. While computer vision can perform extensive real time analysis of every single plastic pellet, human eyes can be sure there are no waste in a production process. For such a responsible recyclers as NordicPlast it’s a must.

#procurement #system

Balticovo Procurement System

How to ensure easy-to-monitor purchase lifecycle traceability? Now there is a solution: Balticovo procurement system.

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Dižozols Log System

The increase in exports of timber logs at the moment is not only good news, but also a reason to look for a new solution to ensure more efficient processes. Dižozols Log system has been created for this purpose – it completely replaces the work done so far manually.

#advertising #execution


The effectiveness of television campaign planning depends on the media planner's knowledge of television content. Does this mean that the planner should spend days and hours watching and analysing TV content? Of course, no!

#mimics #therapy


Once ability of seeing through patient was a special talent, now - it’s available for every doctor. CheeksUP recognises mimics of the patient face and determines the range of it thereby significantly improving work of physios and speech therapists.

#traffic #monitoring

Auto Traffic Monitoring

Policemen of Daugavpils now got a new superpower to use in daily operations and investigations - computer vision based system which observes streets 24/7 and detects direction, registration numbers, type and other parameters of cars involved in traffic.

In cooperation with LMT.



Slash9 is created to make broadcasters' and TV content providers’ lives a bit easier. Powered by computer vision it clears the TV archive, adjusts electronical program guide and performs other nice necessary tasks. Basically everything what human once did but now in a more effective way.

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To be on the spot is the right place where any ad should be, otherwise it’s waste of time and money. Ad Spot Planner technology automatically plans ad placements to reach target audience as effective, as fast and as cheap as possible.

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Sorting fish in a team of countless people is a thing of the past. Fish can really do without us; they only need a robot.

#human resources system


Human resources professionals are constantly looking for new ways to measure and test these factors, encouraging further development. Now there is a solution: Intrum HR system – with a complex role in the commitment of the web service, which is designed for the company's knowledge management.